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A Flash Back to Santa Fe Haiku North America: My Talk on Five Elements

#Haiku Happenings #1 (8/21/20): Alexis Rotella’s latest #haibun reflects on her 2016 talk during Haiku North America!

Alexis Rotella's Blog

I spoke in 2016  about how five-element acupuncturists diagnose various constitutions. It’s always fun to guess what “causative factor” a famous personality might be although without a clinical visit, it’s always a guess. But in the case of Joe Biden, I would venture to say he’s FIRE. Why? He has a controlled warmth. He’s always reaching out across the aisle and to others (including strangers). Our hands/arms are extensions of the heart. He makes jokes. Fires love to try to be funny. He is a touchy feeling kind of guy and that got him criticized for “inappropriate touching.” He talks about love and he shows love in contrast to Trump, who I believe is also FIRE, but fire out of control.

An off-the-wall FIRE needs constant attention/assurance, makes lewd remarks, has poor boundaries, rocky relationships, his life is one big drama/comedy hour. Whereas Joe reaches out to touch others, Trump…

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