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Today’s Haiku (August 24, 2020)

#Haiku Happenings #4: Fay Aoyagi’s Today’s Haiku features Miho Nakane!

Blue Willow Haiku World (by Fay Aoyagi)

小さき穂は小さき蝶呼び秋の草  中根美保

chisaki ho wa chisaki chô yobi aki no kusa

            a small spike invites

            a small butterfly

            autumn grass

                                                Miho Nakane

from “Haiku Shiki” (“Haiku Four Seasons,” a monthly haiku magazine), December 2017 Issue, Tokyo Shiki Shuppan, Tokyo

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  1. I have a translation extension on my computer and I like to compare what it says the Japanese reads on these posts to the English translation provided. Japanese is obviously a difficult language to translate, and the program usually reflects that, providing some garbled barely comprehensible version. Today it gave a very different translation, but it’s pure poetry in its own right:

    “Little ears are little butterflies”

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