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nd 9.20 Ancient Refrains? 3p – Jules Pens Some Gems…

#Haiku Happenings #4: Jules’ latest #haibun for my current #Haikai Challenge!

Ancient Refrains?
(fiction story haibun)

The MotherShip Kokopelmimi was looking for a planet. The runabout Kokopelli was sent down to observe if the place was good. Kokopelmimi was patient and waited for what seemed like mere hours, but on the planet several seasons had turned. Autumn brought colder nights that the Kokopelli crew were not fond of – being mostly in a climate controlled spaceship.

cooler air, long nights
Kokopelli shared music,
bringing warmth to night

The Ambassadors did not want to frighten the peoples they found. And comforted them with music and storytelling after hiding their spacecraft so that it could not be found or tampered with. There were some strange rituals that soon developed after the Kokopelli crew immersed themselves with the bipeds. But the Kokopelli couldn’t stay. While the peoples they encountered were kind enough, there were too many superstitions and lack of technology to make this a dominion for those traveling on Kolopelmini.

While the Kokopelli enjoyed a good joke and loved tricks, they had to be very careful not to upset the status quo. Being only visitors, however enchanting, they knew they could only go so far…

how to speak of stars
when one’s whole universe is
but a few land miles

While the Kokopelli chose not to share technology, they did share humor and ways to help the crops produce more. When the space race left the blue planet, they had gathered so much information, and became a part of the stories that still exist today. So this is what some of those children of earth learn in their schools today. Long term visits from strangers can change how one deals with tossing and retrieving truths and myths from the conduit of life’s continuum.

spring births sleeping dreams
can you hear Kokopelli’s
flute… have they returned?


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