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#Haiku Happenings #7: Sky’s latest #haibun!

STAIN ~ sketches from life & clips of dreams

Last item on my to-do list is finally crossed.

5 mins to 5 and I’m going to sleep exactly 5 hours. What a time to take a look at the clock!

Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius! Big changes are on the way, they say, a total transformation of the old and beginning of something brand new. I have no clue if this is true, but whenever I see a word Aquarius, I knew that I’m on my own terrain. How narcissistic statement this was!

Two warriors in my Ascendant – Mars in Aries has put the whole World into the mess, except me. Somehow, I was thrown to my own path to self.

I don’t know why am I telling you this, especially considering the fact that I even don’t know anything about astrology. I just pick some information here and there and I find them fun.

end of decade

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