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Jules’ latest #haibun #haiku sequence

#Haiku Happenings #1 (12/25/20): Jules’ latest #haibun and haiku #sequence for my current #Haikai Challenge!

(71 & 72) Damned Family (2 haibun with 5 different haiku each)

(71) Damned Family (Norman Distracts Himself…)

looking for a brain
Dorothy, going to Oz
meets a live Scarecrow

tropical sea bass
swims free until hooked, then cooked
too many sportsmen?

rare blue Hunter’s moon
this year on all hallows eve
most children stayed home

Vet neighbor aging
doesn’t want help friends force his
frail hand to accept

Indian Summer
finds golden blooms (though no leaves)
on forsythia

To keep his mind distracted Norman pens some haiku to later share with his Aunt Mae. With each word he feels like he is linking an invisible string to his lost journal – hoping to tug Jesse closer.

(72) Damned Family (Jesse Illuminates Some of Norman’s haiku)

Settling in for the night, Jesse picked random pages and found several haiku with her black light that Norman had written in invisible ink… Jesse had pegged him as a poet years ago when Uncle Stan had her bring him to the Star marked room.

turkey sandwich, there
on the special diner plate
like Mom’s leftovers

beaver Moon, what traps
have been set that need to be
gingerly avoided

withering wind brings
chills to a broken hearts
will they ever mend

old Jewish quarter
during Chanukah windows
shine; waxing candles

another solstice
daylight lengthens; my shadow
hunkers in winter



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