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#Haiku Happenings #2: Hifsa’s haiku appears in Triveni!

My Inner Voice

19 February 2021
my signature haiku # 38
This Friday Feature presentsHifsa Ashraf

I’ve been reading Hifsa’s haikai in journals and her prize winning poems in contests. Most promising haijin from Pakistan, I wish her the very best, always.

Over to Hifsa:

patriarchal shadow overstepping my double helix

From my haiku book ‘Her Fading Henna Tattoo’ by Human/Kind Publishing Press
Prior published in Haiku Dialogue: Poet’s Choice, Pathway

Being a part of the world where patriarchy is considered as one of the key aspects of the social culture, and the most dominating taboo, it is difficult to talk about the menaces of patriarchy or male-domination. The menaces that bring down a woman to the level where she merely exists without having any aspirations, dreams, and even life. Through this one-line haiku, I tried to make a point that patriarchal setup should be challenged and addressed properly as it…

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