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#Haiku Happenings #4: Cafe Haiku presents a #haibun by Dr Brijesh Raj!

Cafe Haiku

Dr Brijesh Raj

She ripples and eddies, her gentlest touch smoothing the scars of broken boulders.

the river lends
a thousand tongues

It is eternal, this love song carried along on tireless feet. The refrain, picked up by butterflies jinking in and around the notes. High spirited fish trace rainbows on the back of rushing waters. Moist eyes watch without seeing.

beating tea
the soft bubbling
of father’s laughter

In another world just a short distance away from the banks, the hospice blinds are drawn half way shut. For some sleep is an elusive creature. To be chased until the edge of despair, before it grants the comfort of its bosom.

the tears cascade
with the i/v line

The timeless waters chortle along. Twisting, turning. Winding, rewinding.

drifting diyas
the Ganges alight
with prayer

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