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Gillena Cox’s “Lunch Break: 2736…”

#Haiku Happenings #6: Gillena Cox’s Haiku #Sequence #2736!

de homeless man rests …

a bench ’round -de-savannah’

under Poui trees


the Pomerac tree –

fallen pink inflorescence

a natural  carpet

childhood home garden 

a memory of many trees –

a long time ago

fruit trees strong and tall

in the yard where i grew up –

the long rod picker

with salt and pepper

fruit from the Mango Vere tree

eaten green in chow


the city outskirts –

The Emperor Valley zoo

with bordering trees

under a Bay tree –

Royal Botanic Gardens

note our first kiss

at home paradise –

Guava and Avocado

trees gift us their fruit

my love deserts me –

Plum and Mango trees planted

just sweeten longing

Stations of The Cross

Good Friday in The Hollows –

pink Poui blooming

Easter’s a-coming

traffic curbs flowering trees –

the savannah arc

all the trees wear green

circling The Savannah –

after blossoms fall

© gillena cox 2021

Lunch Break: 2736

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