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Failed Haiku, February 2021

#Haiku Happenings #3: Eufemia Griffo’s latest #senryu appear in Failed Haiku!

Il fiume scorre ancora

These are the other three contributions published in Failed haiku, issue February. Thank you very much to Bryan Rickert and Michael Rehling, again.🙏

death anniversary
those black clouds again
behind the window
( in memory of
Rachel Sutcliffe)

first day of work
a flight of butterflies
in my belly

abandoned house
the ivy leaves wrap
even the moon

anniversario di morte
di nuovo quelle nuvole nere
dietro la finestra

( in memoria di
Rachel Sutcliffe)

primo giorno di lavoro
un volo di farfalle
nella mia pancia

casa abbandonata
le foglie d’edera avvolgono
anche la luna

Eufemia Griffo

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