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Haiku by Sherry Grant in New Zealand

#Haiku Happenings #7: Hidenori Hiruta presents haiku by Sherry Grant!

Akita International Haiku Network

On January 24, 2021, Ms. Sherry Grant in New Zealand sent her email to me as follows.

Dear Hidenori-san,

It was very nice to meet you online. I have just started writing poems in June 2020. Whereas probably not yet very amazing, I think I am improving.

I wrote quite a lot already, mostly in short forms (I am most published for my cherita, 44 accepted so far, and another 30 poems in other forms). A number of my poems have been translated into Japanese and other languages. I have a longer poem ‘Combat Ready’ that got short listed at the 2020 NZ Heritage Literary Award, and this poem got translated into Japanese by a friend too! I love seeing my poems in Japanese. Perhaps in the future, I will have an opportunity to publish my books of poetry bilingually, in both Japanese and English!



drowsy afternoon mistaken…

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