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Jules’ “nd 5.30 Atmospheric Rhetoric? 3p – Jules Pens Some Gems…”

#Haiku Happenings #4: Jules’ latest #haibun for my current #Haikai Challenge!

Atmospheric Rhetoric?

Little Red had not mistaken the Wolf’s big talk for truth. She’d offered the Woodsman a simple kitchen chair to set himself in, after he returned from dispatching the Wolf.

“Grandmama, how often have we told you not to open the door for solicitors. You’ve bought that A-Plus Rainbow Vacuum that you hardly ever use. Maybe your money would have been better saved for that eye correcting surgery.” Little Red sighed as she spoke. “You still use that straw broom that you won as a big door prize from the Fae Spring Raffle since before I was born – at least that’s what Mum told me.

Paul the Woodsman didn’t let Red see him winking at Grandmama – They both knew that broom was magicked to attract the dust mites and allergens that made the old woman sneeze. And it was just so much easier to use. No water containers to empty. The dust mites would just have to live outside.

After a nice lunch it was time to send Little Red back home. Grandmama and Paul were relieved to see Red skipping towards a real rainbow arching in the sky. It was interesting how young people thought anyone with grey hair was old. Grandmama let Paul fix cocktails while they considered what pre-portioned dinner from the State Meat Delivery company they would dine on. The crystal in the window reflected the late afternoon sun’s rays into the freezer and onto a package of filet mignons.

spring rainbow
helps the elders choose
evening meal

© JP/dh

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