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Today’s Haiku (June 26, 2021)

#Haiku Happenings #8: Fay Aoyagi’s Today’s Haiku features Kazuo Tajima!

Blue Willow Haiku World (by Fay Aoyagi)

百の手が挙がりて神輿宙に舞ふ   田島和生

hyaku no te ga agarite mikoshi chû ni mau

a hundred hands up

festival “mikoshi”

dance in the air

Kazuo Tajima

from Haiku-kai (Haiku World), July 2017 Issue, Bungaku No Mori, Tokyo

Fay’s Note:  “mikoshi” (literal translation:  God’s palanquin) is a portable shrine-shaped ornament carried by people during a summer festival in Japan.

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