haiku community

the QuillS, June 2021

#Haiku Happenings #2: Hifsa Ashraf and John Hawkhead’s latest #rengay appear in the Quills!

My Inner Voice

Time’s Mirage

white skies

a pebble in my palm

grows cool

fading footprints

through spins of winter fog

time’s spirals

the hands of the clock

become a blur


of my random beliefs

water mirage

cast stone

ripples through the statue

zero gravity

I disown

my shadows

John Hawkhead, England

Hifsa Ashraf, Pakistan


The Wandering Moon


a pale hand opens

in the darkness

evening prayer

dust settles in the bowl

twilight birdsong

constellations expand

in the miso


of my anonymity

flickering light

candle moments

moving about the eaves

midnight dream

the farside

of the moon

John Hawkhead, England

Hifsa Ashraf, Pakistan


Memory Echoes

another day

moving through the city

wind song

through orange clouds

echoing migratory birds

shifting light

a change in resonance

from tilting stones

back home late

his sweaty palms

on the door handle

creaked floorboard

the grain of a secret

door ajar


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