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#Haiku Happenings #6: judeitakali’s latest #haibun!

They said Love had it all
Sugar, spice and everything nice
The pleasures
The ecstasy
The euphoria
All I would ever want
All I would ever need!
And so with thoughts of hope
I sought and I craved
Ascending to a dream
Yet rising to my demise!


wings of happiness
gliding on gale, gust, and breeze
to be lost or found

There was joy but also despair
Breaks, rakes and aches
Scars, stains and Pains
For my happiness would not come from only love
And love did not bring only happiness.

in life’s loveless Wilds
I launched an expedition
happiness to find
where joy would come from loving
not from desire to be loved


© judeitakali

Hi everyone, I’m back after almost a month away finishing my first novel draft.

I hope you enjoy this. Can’t wait for your feedback, I missed this place. My poetry might be…

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