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#Haiku Happenings #9: Courtenay S. Gray’s latest #haibun!

Courtenay's Corner

my birthday candles melted into the cake, brown butter spread thick across the hearts made from red icing. they sunk their teeth into it, eating what makes me happy on my special day. by the end, there were only crumbs. the plates filled with grease were thrown into the sink to be washed later. if only I could take out the box of memories. the place with handwritten letters, papers soaked in your cologne, and gemstones. my love for you will never leave, but now I’m left seeking the approval of James Dean wannabes. they tell me not to worry about him. he’s needy, they say. if we play strip poker, will he take off his underwear first? if he loses, we’ll make it into a sex party. my bra will hang from the doorframe, a faint scent of midnight fantasy. a carefree life is what I want. if men…

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