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Climate Change Haiku

#Haiku Happenings #1 (8/10/21): Miriam Sagan presents climate haiku by Christa Pandey, John Roche, and Ursula Moeller!

Miriam's Well: Poetry, Land Art, and Beyond

coastal storm surge
every ten years
coastlines change

black clouds overhead
urban heat
pushes them out

Christa Pandey, Austin, TX


Placitas in drought
Juniper needles crumble
Even goatheads can’t sprout

Stuck inside today
Compost fire in South Valley
No patio lunch

Hundreds drown in Europe
Rio Grande’s a trickle
Cuidado con La Llorona!

John Roche
Albuquerque, NM


my edges melt like ice cream
finally puddle

Ursula Moeller
Santa Fe, NM

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