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Modern Haiku reviews ‘breaking my journey’

#Haiku Happenings #3: Modern Haiku reviewer, Michele Root-Bernstein, reviews Gregory Piko’s latest volume of haiku, “breaking my journey” (Red Moon Press)!

Gregory Piko

Established in 1969, Modern Haiku is one of the world’s longest running English-language haiku journals. The most recent issue of Modern Haiku, Volume 52.2 (Summer 2021), included a review of my collection, breaking my journey (Red Moon Press).

In part, Modern Haiku reviewer, Michele Root-Bernstein, had this to say about breaking my journey:

Gregory Piko presents some one hundred haiku that radiate with sensual appreciation for the prime of life. There are joys here, as well as shadows, and still so much remains to be fully lived. With Piko as our guide we feel again how imperative it is to “learn again to be a child”, “warm to a stranger”, “straighten the Southern Cross”, make love, make poems, dwell.

Each finely observed moment has us remembering our own “butterfly, still safe / under his steel pin”.

a week at the beach
she learns again
to be a child

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