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The Haiku Foundation – New to Haiku: Advice for Beginners

#Haiku Happenings #4: THF interviews Hifsa Ashraf!

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The Haiku Foundation – New to Haiku: Advice for Beginners

  • August 15, 2021

This week,New to Haikuis pleased to interviewHifsa Ashraf. Her book,Her Fading Henna Tattoo, won honorable mentions in both theTouchstone Distinguished Books Awardsfor 2020 and theHaiku Society of America’s Merit Book Awardsfor 2021.Thanks for sharing your haiku journey with us, Hifsa.

InAdvice for Beginnersposts, we ask established haiku poets to share a bit about themselves so that you can meet them and learn more about their writing journeys. We, too, wanted to learn what advice they would give to beginning haiku poets.

Welcome to New to Haiku, Hifsa! How did you come to learn about haiku?

I became familiar with haiku accidentally when I was moderating one of the biggest Google Plus communities, POETS. Someone shared a haiku that intrigued me. I was inspired to write…

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