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Unclaimed desires. #tankaprose

#Haiku Happenings #5: judeitakali’s latest #tankaprose for Colleen Chesebro’s latest challenge (courtesy of Reena Saxena)!

Colleen’s syllabic challenge

Only we can truly know,

the things that taint/feed our souls.

Reena’s exploration challenge

the puzzle of life
paths painted by tradition
a key missing piece
for souls come in special shades
and lost dreams turn to nightmares

I catch a glimpse of a forgotten dream; of whom she was and who we could have been, ignoring why we couldn’t be, and riding the tides of reminiscence; to the barren shores of my regret.


A portal through time
to find that missing feeling
dreams not meant to be
for more I look, more I crave
till hope festers to dismay

Eugi’s weekly prompt

I chased her back to better days; of cherry blossoms and purple moons. And though shadows lay in wait; of toxic ways and seismic moods, it’s what I’d always wanted!

For perfection was a dream, that had become a nightmare.

© judeitakali.


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