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Five Years and One Ninety Nine

#Haiku Happenings #5: Cafe Haiku’s 199th post!

Cafe Haiku

This is our 199th post. To celebrate our 200th, from tomorrow, we will feature a series of haiga contributed by the editors, a couple every day. Keep visiting.

The Café Haiku website raised its curtains on 24th April, 2016 with verses from all of us in A hatful of sky. Five years later we are closing in on our 200th post with a beautiful haiga series. Initially Mumbai, Thane and Hyderabad based (InHaiku Mumbai), we now collaborate closely with haijin from Chennai and have metamorphosized into Café Haiku. Over time we have received submissions from all over the world.

The pandemic has at once shaken lives and inspired poems. Lockdown poetry was our attempt at providing a platform for haijin to express themselves.

We have interviewed some distinguished haijin and carried others’ journeys, launched haikai books we enjoyed reviewing, and analyzed some gorgeous haiku and senryu. Our posts have…

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