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September photos and haiku series, dVerse — OLN

#Haiku Happenings #8: Jade Li’s latest haiku #sequence for #dVersePoets #OLN!

Tao Talk

resized chamomile in the sun 092921

chamomile drowses
sleepy in September’s sun
winter’s bedtime tea

resized closeup of wasp nest 092921

paper monument
to wasp ingenuity
soon vacant castle

resized purple flower bud 092921

purple crepe awaits
seeking guidance from heaven
Sol’s opening nod

resized red pine halo of needles 092921

us pine trees critters
with fuzzy green needled fur
we wiggle in wind

resized smallest sunflowers ever 092921

September late sprouts
make haste to shine like their kin
bright tiny starlets

resized sunflowers bowed in prayer 092921

bowed like old women
fading congregation prays
warm afternoon sun

resized strawberries in tub 092921

strawberry plants bloom
heedless of summer’s ending
flaming exception

resized tall grass stalk 092921

now caterpillar
on a stick, warm in the sun
soon cold winter seeds


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