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Daily Haiku: Dec. 14, 2021

#Haiku Happenings #5: Charlotte Digregorio’s Daily Haiku presents a #senryu by Chuck Brickley!

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fresh snow on the summit
I peel a Japanese orange
and give you half
by ChuckBrickley (USA)
Outch, 4:2, 1979, Japan

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  1. This haiku was originally published in the Japanese journal OUTCH in 1979. I’d like to suggest that it is a haiku, not a senryu. A winter haiku. Main subject is the snow on the mountain. The sun is implied, as that is when we usually notice freshly fallen snow. Satsumas appear in Canadian markets before Christmas, and are noted for their sweet, yet tart taste. Sharing one is experienced as a human activity in harmony with the subject of the haiku, the fresh snow on the summit. A ‘heightened’ experience, wherein mankind is recognized as being part of nature. Metaphorically, one can experience this haiku as being addressed to the reader. The poet is offering “you” half of a “Japanese” poem. Isn’t that the essence of haiku? To brushstroke a few details, and let the reader fill in the rest?
    Would anyone else care to add to this discussion of haiku and senryu?


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