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Kekekabic Review

#Haiku Happenings #9: Melissa Auburn reviews Eric Chandler’s new book of poetry, Kekekabic!

The Estuary

Eric Chandler’s new book of poetry, Kekekabic, reinvigorated me as a writer. His poems reminded me of what drew me to the craft – experimentation with words and phrases, and that spirited feeling of trying something new. Writing is about noticing and appreciating – both of which Chandler does well in this book.

In 2018, Chandler wrote a poem after every workout as a way of being mindful and paying attention to the world. He chose the form of haibun, a combination of prose and haiku poetry, to express his connections with nature, his family, and his trusted dog Leo.

In his introduction, Chandler speaks of studying the Japanese writer Basho’s form of haibun. He quotes Basho as saying, “Abide by rules, then throw them out! —only then may you achieve true freedom.”

Throughout Kekekabic, Chandler reminds us that in life it’s “never too late for firsts.” Amid his…

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