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#Haiku Happenings #2: Sara’s latest haiku for Poets and Storytellers!


Written for: Friday Writings #6: The Shorter The Sweeter? (posted by Rosemary)

"Greetings, dear wordsmiths! What have you been up to lately? Me, I’ve been reading a very interesting book. (Interesting to me, anyway.) Someone in one of the haiku groups I belong to on facebook recommended it: Well-Versed: Exploring Modern Japanese Haiku, by OZAWA Minoru. This reading has inspired my (optional) prompt for you today: Go micro! (a) Give us your own haiku on any subject (for some of you, I realise, this will be nothing new!) or – if you hate haiku – or if you write them all the time and want to do something different – give us any other kind of micropoem (i.e. up to 10 lines) formal or free. E.g., for the formal ones (excluding senryu and tanka, which I'm sure everyone already knows) there are lune, American sentence, gogyoshi, cherita, sevenling, shadorma, monostich…

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