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#Haiku Happenings #5: anotherKate’s latest #haibun #sequence!


It’s been a really wet year, and relying on tank water as we do it’s frustrating to see the tanks overflowing – all that water we can’t store just running down into the gullies! So having talked about it for months, and with the La Nina starting to fade away, we’ve finally bought another tank.

It was delivered on Monday. It has a capacity of 23kl, is 4m in diameter, and weighs about 400kg. Looks big, doesn’t it? But my husband assured me they always look bigger on the truck than on the ground…

Do things look bigger

on the back of the truck, or

after they fall off?

Seeing it arrive, I was a bit dubious about our ability to get it into place on the south side of the house under the overflow of the main (90kl) tank. But, we generally seem to manage these things – levers…

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