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Haiku: The Sacred Art by Margaret D. McGee

#Haiku Happenings #1 (1/4/22): Mark S. reviews “Haiku: The Sacred Art” by Margaret D. McGee!

Naturalist Weekly

“I didn’t know it, but I was having a ‘haiku moment’- a moment when the mind stops and the heart moves”. This quote is from Margaret McGee, the author of Haiku: The Sacred Art (A Spiritual Practice in Three Lines), and it marks the beginning of her journey toward a haiku life.

This was a brief moment. A moment that may have just passed her by if she wasn’t in a haiku workshop where she was asked to observe a flower vase. After this moment, she wrote this:

a shift in focus– 
the whole rooms reflected
in a flower’s vase

Haiku: The Sacred Art (A Spiritual Practice in Three Lines) is McGee’s investigation into the spiritual aspect of writing haiku. This book starts with her first encounter with haiku at the age of 45, and then continues on a journey into developing a haiku practice. McGee writes in a conversational…

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