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Winter Snow Haibun

#Haiku Happenings #6: Jade Li’s latest #haibun!

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We’re in the middle of a winter weather advisory that is supposed to end tomorrow morning. The video was taken yesterday. Temp in the 20’s F, wind blowing the snow horizontally, but not much accumulation. When I woke up and looked out this morning, I was both surprised and relieved to see how much snow had fallen. As I have an appointment today at 3pm, I need to get out there and snowblow the driveway, as it looks like the plows have been through at least once so far.

Rainbow birds chatter,
swooping flying trapezes —
winter snow still falls.

Update at 2:16 p.m.: Just finished snowblowing. My new gator type face mask worked like a charm. The snow has stopped and the sun is shining. Thank you, Lord! The birds and I are happy.

snowblow driveway 010622

Mish is the host of dVerse’ Open Link Night, which I am linking this poem…

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