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David Oates

Haiku Happenings #8: Jacob S. interviews #haijin David Oates!

Haiku Poet Interviews

David Oates

Country of Residence:USA


Brief bio: https://haikupedia.org/article-haikupedia/david-oates/

Current Occupations: radio host, writer, teacher

Past Occupations: reporter, teacher, comic-strip writer

Haiku-Related Volunteer Positions/Affiliations:

Interests/Hobbies: standup and sketch comedy (writing and performing), writing fiction and non-haikaipoetry, improv, reading, hosting and producing my radio show, and emceeing the local poetry reading

Book Publications:

Awards & Honorable Mentions:

Editor of: (books) (anthologies) (journals) (website)

Founder and editor of Monkey, a magazine…

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