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Haibun Monday 3-28-22: Cherry Blossoms

#Haiku Happenings #9: I’m hosting #HaibunMonday over at #dVersePoets. We’re writing about cherry blossoms.

The pub is open! Come join us!


Welcome to another Haibun Monday, poets! Frank J. Tassone here, and today, we again write haibun, that blend of prose-poetry and haiku. As we’re a week into spring, let’s embrace a traditional Spring kigo: cherry blossoms!

As I said last year:

Blooming from mid-March to late April, Cherry trees produce an array of beautiful flowers, whose colors embody Spring. Viewing the Cherry Blossoms (hanami) evolved as an important cultural ritual in Japan. Poets from the Heian era wrote many waka (tanka) that alluded to the blossoms. Basho continued this tradition in both his haiku and haibun writing, and other haiku poets followed his lead. Viewing Cherry Blossoms remains popular today, both in Japan and throughout the world. The United State’s National Cherry Blossom festival, for example, is an annual celebration in the nation’s capital.

Cherry blossoms evoke the transient nature of life as few phenomena can. The 2022 US National…

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