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CH Dreams – old silk cotton

#Haiku Happenings #1 (4/20/22): CH presents two #haibun by Dr Brijesh Raj!

Cafe Haiku

by Dr Brijesh Raj


sunrise to moonset
the old silk cotton
aburst with dreams

The tectonic shift to nightmare is the rancidness of a marriage gone bad. Guided to the big city with filmy delusions, she is wed as per norms to an older gent of insatiable appetites and a pathologically suspicious nature. Now her grief stricken, spent lungs gasp and wheeze and widened eyes wonder why.

If only she had been warned…cities demand sacrifice. Tears to water the cacti, bone dust for the powder room.

hoof and whip
snapping out
of this reality


Worker ants hurry single file along the sidewalk. A conveyor belt of dreams carried millimetres off the earth. Until one veers off. No one in recent ant memory has ever done this. His brother behind him simply closes ranks. The instructions are clear. No breaks until the bread crumbs are over. Peter ant in…

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