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Soft April Sunrise–Tanka Haibun

#Haiku Happenings #9: Richard Braxton’s latest #tankaprose!


Sometimes the day imposes itself breaking you out of your own concentration. At least that is what you like to tell yourself when you have a short bout of writer’s block. But what is really in the way are the clothes that need folding, and the podcast that you just don’t want to turn off. Plus, the step back to standard imagination-based poetry composition was giving some trouble because google painting and other types of collaging take a more analytical type of creativity. Adding all of these things together created the recipe for me staring out the window blankly ignoring the natural poetry in front of my eyes.

Soft April sunrise,

Grey green morning trees, and bird

Squawk in the distance

Taking in the silent clock tick

Moving forward through the year.


Haibun is the combination of simple prose and haiku.

Tanka is a five line poem related to…

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