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The Modern Kigo Project Competition, 2022

#Haiku Happenings #5: Hifsa’s latest haiku is a joint 2nd runner-up in The 2nd Modern Kigo Project Competition!

My Inner Voice

The 2nd Modern Kigo ProjectCompetition

‘SPRING Season’ 2022 WINNERS 

Joint 2nd place RUNNER-UP

Hifsa Ashraf (Pakistan)

KIGO:moth nap


Spring is the season of transformation; it affects night sleep by causing short/insufficient sleep which may be depicted as a “moth nap”.


moth nap—

drifting from dream

to dream

Alan’s comments:

There’s a lilting, lullaby-like feel to this haiku which works so well. And the choice of the nocturnal moth for the kigo further adds to the whole. The idea that our dreams work in a different timescale to reality also added a touch of surreality—many dreams in a single‘moth nap’!

Réka’s comments:

The imagery of a moth nap(ping) is enigmatic. I particularly like that the poet constructs the imagery of her kigo around a moth rather than a butterfly.

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