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January: Will it Ever End?

#Haiku Happenings #1 (1/30/23): Alexis Rotella’s latest #haibun!

Alexis Rotella's Blog

This is the longest January I remember. It wouldn’t seem so long if the Muse were here keeping me entertained but it seems her train is stuck somewhere in a snow bank.

I was born January 16 which has been labeled the most melancholy do nothing day of the year. I was rather amused to find that written on the Web because I’ve known that my entire life. My mother told me when she was in labor, she didn’t think my Uncle Fred would make it to the hospital driving through a blizzard.

I was raised Russian Orthodox. We celebrated two Christmases and two New Years. By the time my birthday rolled around,, everyone was tired of celebrating including me.

My birthday wasn’t ever made a big deal. I have friends who are Capricorns and their birthdays seem to pass without much ado. Except for an old high school pal…

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  1. My granddaughter was 10 on January 16th. Her younger sister was 5 on January 12th. Their mother, my daughter-in-law, has her birthday on January 1st. January is a very expensive month for the whole family. Now the girls are both at school, they plan to have a yearly pool party in March. I guess that’s one way to get presents at Christmas,in January and again in March. I plan to be there too since my birthday is in March. 🙂

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