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a break

#Haiku Happenings #9: Barbara S’ latest #haibun!

Solitary 4 Tomorrow - in Dialogue

inspired by David B’s american sentence on haiku structure

a break
means the world
pouring rain

Today is the forth full day of my medical-grade spa treatment in the far east of Bavaria and very slowly I feel both my energy returning and a sense of awareness to be present first and do things, decide things from there. A break means healing, means going through the five stages Elisabeth Kubler-Ross identified for grief work – from denial through anger to negotiating, getting depressed and then finding yourself reconciled with whatever is on. I have even read one RC nun describing every attendance at za-zen training sessions to her felt like that.

As I look out on the park from my solitary apartment, especially as it rains and not many people are out walking, maybe only a lonesome dog walker, hunched – it makes me very much aware of my solitariness.It…

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