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Haiku for International Haiku Day

#Haiku Happenings #1 (4/17/23): Cafe haiku presents haiku and #haiga by various haijin!

Cafe Haiku

Today, 17 April, is International Haiku Day, as declared by the Haiku Foundation. The members of Café Haiku got together to write haiku on the theme of joy, happiness and celebration.

slicing away
the few rays of sun
labrador’s tail

the familiar scent
of ayurvedic oils
childhood home

Geethanjali Rajan

the gulmohar’s redness
koel calls

pooja flowers
the rain gods claim them
for their own

our Ganesha makes do
with fallen flowers

flower shop —
I just stand by
to watch the bees

last gong
– the bare maidan
bursts a-flower

Raamesh Gowri Raghavan

Haiga by Vidya Venkatramani

Haiga by Vidya Venkatramani

trumpet lilies
the hills take root
in our garden

sunlit road
the cat, and my thoughts
meet hurriedly

bending the sunlight
at play

Dr Brijesh Raj

discharge papers –
I sign to the slow thump
of his wagging tail

new neighbour –
summer breezes in

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