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A November with Basho, Day 3

On the first day of the fourth moon, climbed to visit the shrines on a mountain once called Two Wildernesses, renamed by Kukai when he dedicated the shrine. Perhaps he saw a thousand years into the future, this shrine under sacred skies, his compassion endlessly scattered through the […]

A November with Basho, Day 2

Very Early on the twenty-seventh morning of the third moon, under a predawn haze, transparent moon barely visible, Mount Fuji just a shadow, I set out under the cherry blossoms of Ueno and Yanaka. When would I see them again?… Spring passes and the birds cry out– tears […]

A November with Basho, Day 1

Poet Jane Dougherty led us on a November journey in 2017, when she hosted a W.B Yeats challenge in lieu of #NaNoWriMo. Inpired by her example, I have decided to embark on a comparable journey. This november I will post excerpts from “The Narrow Road to the Interior” […]