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A November with Basho, Day 8

Through narrow Abumizuri Pass and on, passing Shiroishi Castle, we entered Kasahima Province. We asked for directions to the gravemound of Lord Sanekata, Sei Shonagon’s exiled poet-lover, and were told to turn right in the hillds near the villages of Minowa and Kasashima wgeb we canes ti tge […]

A November with Basho, Day 6

A little anxious, thinking of the Shirakawa Barrier, thinking on it day by day; but calmed my mind by remembering the old poem, “somehow sending word home.” I walked through heavy green summer forests. Many a poet inscribed a few words at one of the Three Barriers–“Autumn Winds” […]

A November with Basho, Day 5

At Ashino, the willow Saigyo praised, “beside the clear stream,” still grows along a path in fields of rice. A local official had offered to lead the way, and I had often wondered whether and where it remained. And now, today, that same willow: Rice-planting done, they depart–before […]

A November with Basho, Day 4

Set out to see the Murder Stone, Sessho-seki, on a borrowed horse, and the man leading it asked for a poem. “Something beautiful, please.” The horse turns his head– from across the wide plain, a cuckoo’s cry Basho, “Narrow Road to the Interior,” Translated by Sam Hamil, The […]