Tag: Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads

Ambivalence at the Dual Meet: a solo #Renga

chilling wind a blue sky consumed by storm clouds an utter betrayal of the Equinox last sunlight eclipsed by a torrent of storm clouds we huddle together to share our last fading warmth a tease of rain remnants of a winter refusing to die A frigid deluge gathers […]

Salvation in Solitude

The drone of morning traffic. The blaring of horns from stopped cars on the Interstate. The adolescent voices that echo off the walls, and their sporadic screams and laughter. The noise from the outside crests like flood waters fed by torrential downpours. It is during such onslaughts that […]

Joan of Arc’s lost Confession

A shimmer of sunlight remains. Rippling water, stirred by an evening breeze, carries it away. The gathered clouds filter the setting sun; a pale disk descends behind an enshadowed ridge. You may ask why I recant. Why I subject myself to the stake decreed by your English court, […]

NOLA Gemini Moments: a #haibun

What must Mardi Gras be like? Is it revelers pursuing yet another Krew’s ostentacious float? Is it music pouring out of every open door and window? Or crowds of tourists casting down or tossing up sets of beads? Is it influencers drawing onlookers with the lure of lavish […]