Strongest Wind: A #TankaTuesday #tankaprose


Photo by Ravi Pinisetti on Unsplash


“Strongest wind remains unseen” –from The Joy Luck Club



We see, and we believe. Yes, it has served us well, this “seeing is believing,” when we address pratical matters. What happens, however, when we confront the sublime?


There, we must abandon the seen for the unseen.


Who sees the wind? And yet we all know it is there by the woosh of air and the rustle of leaves it leaves in its wake. So, too, the truth of the Way, the movement of the Spirit. It moves unseen, and yet leaves visible signs of its passing.


How else can you describe the courage of campanesos following Bishop Oscar Romero toward a church occupied by armed soldiers more-than ready to fire upon them all? How else can you explain the discipline of civil rights demonstrators that sang “We shall Overcome” while surrounded by entrenched, cursing and violent white supremicists?


That which is hidden manifests in our sight in ways that which we cannot imagine.


morning twilight

a silence once shattered

by songbirds

where our hope and despair

converge in a zeal unseen



for Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 96, “Congregate & Passion,” #SynonymsOnly

Real Toads’ The Tuesday Platform (imagined by Pat)

dVerse Poets Pub’s Tuesday Poetics: Unseen Things (pubtended by Jilly)



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  1. The hidden that manifests itself in those wonderful ways is well defined and as in your words, we are reminded of it often. I like your prose with its powerful feeling. Twilight seems to be a perfect time for the hope and despair to come together and become something as beautiful as the song of the birds.
    I really liked it.

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  2. Your use of the alliterative phrases makes this an essential read-aloud, Frank. The leaves are so repetitive and you’ve captured that. A real joy of a poem filled with conundrums. Appreciate the Amy Tan quote – she is in my first unit next week 🙂

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  3. We dipped our pen in similar ponds of thought. Ironically, even though seeing is believing, each of us is restricted to our perceptual interpretation of what we believe we saw. You have a strong tanka.

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  4. Practicality without imagination doesn’t offer true living. At least, it does not for me. So, yes, I shall dance with the unseen… and believe what suits my needs. 🙂

    Love the thought of songbird creating a sort of balance.

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  5. A wonderful description of the power of faith that cannot be seen or explained. Yet the power is there to allow men and women to do the unthinkable in this world even at risk of their own lives. Beautifully done Frank.

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  6. I am interested in how hope and despair can converge to create action. The resultant zeal almost has a lightning strike feel to it, in contrast to the softer sounds of twilight and morning and songbirds. very lovely.
    By the way, you are a character in a post I did for dVerse anniversary week, I don’t think you were with us that week. It was done in satirical jest, but came from a place of earnest gratitude for the dVerse crew. Can I link you to it? Might make you smile (she says as she looks around nervously and coughs… hehe)

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  7. I am drawn in by the idea of a convergence of hope and dispair, and wonder about the beauty of intangible things. Those do have a curious power over our hearts.

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  8. I have always loved tanka….and this tanka prose is wonderful. Do you belong to the Tanka Society of America? I so enjoy their journals, Ribbons, and participating with them.


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