Conflicting Silence: A #TankaTuesday (7/31/18) #TankaProse



The sun tries to break through. The clouds that gathered will not scatter. A temperature more consistent with spring than summer holds steady. It was perfect weather to repair the paver stones on the front stoop, or write outside all morning. I did neither, becoming lost in folly on the internet.


And so the usual chorus of condemnatory voices arises from my enflamed conscience, stifiling the sounds around me. I do hear the neighborhood dogs barking, the companion insects to the cicadas chirping, the rustle of leaves, the acceleration of a distant engine with the tailpipe cut. But I hear them through the troubled silence I erect to shroud away all my “should haves…” and “should not haves…”


Such a contrived silence is so different from the natural one that speaks through every utterance of nature. That lifegiving silence will nourish any that listen.


I wait to be one of them again.



high summer breeze

the ecstatic moment seeing

 a summer flower

the mournful next moment

when the petals wilt away



for dVerse Poets Tuesday Poetics: Sounds of Silence (guest pubtended by Dwight Roth)

Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 95, “Happy & Morose,” #SynonymsOnly

Real Toads’ Tuesday Platform




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  1. Killer tanka. You snagged me at /the natural one that speaks through the utterance of nature/. When any of us creative folks spend too much time in the nation of Procrasti, there will be hell to pay.

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  2. I love the way our write seems to me like a confession admitting to not measuring up to those silent voices implanted in our heads telling us what we should do. You said it all in your poem. The flower blooms and withers and we don’t hear a sound! I really like this down to earth approach.

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