#Way-back Wednesday 10/11/17…when talking…#haiku #haibun #poetry

About that Night


What was it about you? Was it the look in your eyes? The way you kept

your curly hair like you just rolled out of bed?


Or was it simply circumstances? Me, with a girlfriend living outside

Philadelphia whom I hadn’t seen since July. You, unattached, sitting on

the barstool next to me at the Road House in Binghamton. Both of us

sipping a mediocre beer, lost in what we weren’t saying.


An awkward goodnight becomes passionate kissing, embracing,

groping. Becomes me whispering, “Do you have any?”


twisted cotton sheets
wisps of cloud above
the garbage-strewn alley



first published in Contemporary Haibun Online, Vol. 10, no. 4, January 2015


UPDATE: for Real Toads–The Poem as a One-Sided Conversation




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