#Tanka Tuesday #3: Pumpkin season…for dVerse Poets Pub’s Tuesday Poetics–Autumn


Kim over at dVerse Poets Pub asks us to examine in detail anything associated with Autumn. What could be more Autumn than pumpkins?


largest pumpkin

wiping the dirt off of

its back side

the slices of his knife

form the scariest face

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  1. On the west coast, after Halloween, people put their pumpkins in odd places to make people smile when they pass – in a row along a protruding log, on cliff faces, alongside the highway. I love it! “Happy as a pumpkin,” my son used to say!

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  2. For the first time in my life I saw a pumpkin field not far from where I live! Glorious! Love the largest pumpkin with the
    the scariest face! You’ve persuaded me to get one this year, Frank.

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