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after the ice storm

#Haiku Happenings #4: Janice’s latest #haibun for #dversepoets and my current #haikai challenge!


It’s been freezing rain forever it seems. Vast puddles behind the house have frozen, melted, and frozen again. The first day of spring was in March and now, in mid-April, winter still lingers having teased us with dramatic reappearances and sudden exits. In the rain I hear birds laugh and chatter. They know spring is here despite her white frozen disguise.  Wielding a shovel to chop soft ice, I chuckle with them.

Ice storm is over
rain rinses snow
in the gutter


©2018 Ontheland

Two kigo prompts helped me create this small haibun:  Haikai Challenge #29: warm (atataka) and Chijitsu: Lingering Day—dVerse Haibun Monday.

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