#Haikai Challenge #29 (4/14/18): warm (atataka)…#haiku #senryu #haibun #tanka #haiga #renga



Well, haijin, you got your bloom on for the first Cherry Blossoms!


Congratulations, participants!

Haikai Challenge Participants 

1. Ken Gierke / rivrvlogr
2. Jane Dougherty
3. Dwight L. Roth
4. Jules
5. Jules 2
6. Xenia Tran
7. Xenia Tran (2)
8. Linda Lee Lyberg
9. Merril D. Smith
10. Janice (Ontheland)
11. Revived Writer
12. lynn__

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At last! It feels like Spring! I shivered in near-freezing temperatures last week watch my son run his relay event. Today, I may need a parasol! The backyard has come alive with the competing songs of cutthroat songbirds. The front lawn shows startingly evidence of being green! The high today will be in the 70s (F)

Therefore, let this week’s kigo be none other than warm (atataka). Write the haikai poem of your choice that states or alludes to warmth (ataka).


As always:

Here’s how the challenge works:

1. write the haikai poem of your choice.
2. post the link of your post to Mister Linky.
3. pingback by posting the link to the challenge on your site.
4. read and comment on other contributors’ posts.



A special note this week: Tuesday, April 17th, is International Haiku Poetry Day! Just saying. 🙂


Stay Warm, haijin! And for anyone writing a thirty in thirty for this National Poetry Month, good hunting! We’re almost halfway through!


NaPoWriMo 2018




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