Portugal Travel Notes #2 (7/4/18)

A good English-style breakfast: eggs, ham, baked beans, and a mini croissant. And hot coffee. Lots of coffee!

Seconds asking for more coffee in Portuguese

a quick car trip to the Torre da Belém. Too long a line to climb, so we selfie-pose.

a short walk to the monument to the discoverers

Afterward, we visit the Monastery of St. Jerome. See the tombs of Vasca de Gama and Camois, one of Portugal’s greatest poets

Fountains the selfies taken in the cloister

On to Sentra. Nowhere to park in the village, so after a quick lunch nearby, it’s off to the Palacios de Pena, a multi-influenced architectural marvel designed by artist-king Ferdinand II.

Afterward, we walk to the nearby Moorish castle:

an adventure returning to Lisbon, including a drive through suspect suburbs. We stop for dinner at a restaurant within sight of Torre de Belém.

thin sirloin July 4th without fireworks


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