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Complete Spring Day

Rippling blossoms in a young tree in bloom. Fresh dandelions growing on greening lawns. Radiant white pillars of a neighbors house bathed in afternoon sunlight. The hum of leaf-blowers and woodchoppers. Warm enough to walk outside. Cool enough to stay in. Such are the signs of Spring during […]

An Ekphrastic Correspondence

Oh, Alisaka, That I could rise to the heights of your cranes. But I am earthbound, and my words can only marvel at your deft brushstrokes. mountain mists fledglings at their mother’s side for so many years this relic of college days still hanging for dVerse Poets’ Quadrille […]


I sketch the impressions that even now fade away. A night sky, a street filled with teens partying, cavourting, fighting. They close around me, and I just manage to break away. Another street, with darkened brownstones, and commercial buildings in the distance. I walk with someone I call […]