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Abecedarian Advise: a #TankaProse

Autumnal clouds bare entertwining branches corral the sun distant Danann laughter echoing in the wind Forget the rules. Go where the wind whispers. Hold in your heart the sublimnity. Intuition trumps reason at times like these. Just because you can’t explain doesn’t detract from its authenticity. Kindness is […]

Sorrowful Release: a solo #renga

Crescent moon-blown ripples on evening tide how these tear-culled thoughts arise each brightening night First Quarter a scythe-eyed glimps across an empty road how this dust-tongued mouth forms the right word at the wrong time Gibbous a bell-voiced cry no one hears how one dark-vowelled word ends a […]

Notre Dame

I visited Notre Dame in the Spring of 1992. The interior looked dark at the time, as few candles burned and fewer lights shined. The light from the Rose stainglass captivated me, as it had done for countless pilgrams through out the centuries. Otherwise, my visit felt pedestrian. […]

New York: a #TankaProse Tribute

Empire State. Where the Interstates wind between the wind of Lake Erie and the Atlantic. Where the Statue of Liberty raises her torch to the Golden Gate, and the Niagara falls. Empire State. Where the State capitol rests one-hundred fifty-two miles from the flow of world capital pumping […]