Abecedarian Advise: a #TankaProse

Autumnal clouds

bare entertwining branches

corral the sun

distant Danann laughter

echoing in the wind

Forget the rules. Go where the wind whispers. Hold in your heart the sublimnity. Intuition trumps reason at times like these. Just because you can’t explain doesn’t detract from its authenticity. Kindness is a difficult choice. License is even harder. Mindful of the way, walk as the moment requires.

nightingale song

open canopy spaces

pierced by twilight

Quiet your ever-thinking mind. Remember how clear a still pond is? Serenity arises from such a paradigm. Transformation is its fruit. Understand yet?

Vision quest

Windchimes and a child’s

Xylophone play on

young hands stretching toward the

zenith of the moon

for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Beyond #writephoto

#NaPoWriMo2019 / #GloPoWriMo2019 19/30

WD April PAD 2019 19/30

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