An Inventory of Unloving Experiences: a #haiku sequence #haibun

Photo by Mia Weiland on Pexels.com

gathering clouds

the fourteen-year-old mouth says

“you’re a racist!”

The supervisor observes on the day of the facutly-student vollyball game.

bird silence

repeated interruptions

in a raised tone

No visible Aim or Do-now, for the class that needs to switch rooms. “Ineffective.”

late morning shadows

the forty-eight-year-old voice

says, “we’re done here.”

No notebooks out on the desks. “Ineffective”

single ray of light

I manage the team-teaching

class with a sub

Poor groups with unclear tasks. “Ineffective”


after collecting papers

their non-stop talking

Limited circulation, with some not engaging. “Ineffective”

dirt-stained window

the student won’t lift his head

during the meeting

Poor questioning, with only level-ones employed. “Ineffective”

nighttime birdsongs

a heavy heart filled

with uncried tears

for Real Toads’ The Tuesday Platform: Understand that this is a dream (Poems in April ~ Day 9) (imagined by Sanna Rizvi)

NaPoWriMo2019 / GloPoWriMo2019 9/30

WD April PAD 9/30


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