A November with Basho, Day 2

Photo by Stephen + Alicia on Pexels.com

Very Early on the twenty-seventh morning of the third moon, under a predawn haze, transparent moon barely visible, Mount Fuji just a shadow, I set out under the cherry blossoms of Ueno and Yanaka. When would I see them again?…

Spring passes

and the birds cry out– tears

in the eyes of fishes

Sam Hamill (Trsl.), The Essential Basho, page 4

Home Decoring

When the elements of home decor come down–photos, paintings, wall scuplture–and new coats of paint go up, how strange the domestic landscape becomes. When the paint dries, and we shuffle those elements, how unique the new vistas of home become!

It’s almost worth the aggravation of trying–and failing–to discover the studs necessary to hang a wall mirror.

Winter looming

as the birds depart

layered leaves

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